Local businesses are the heart and soul of Detroit.

We have pulled together a list of resources to support small businesses and a map showcasing what is open in our portfolio in Detroit.

The Book Tower

Ornate Corinthian columns. Intricately detailed carvings. A distinctive copper roof. The Book Tower is a classic example of Italian Renaissance-style architecture in the heart of Detroit. Built in 1916 and completed in 1926, this historically significant building was once filled with fashionable shops and upscale offices, as a cornerstone of Washington Boulevard — and Bedrock is currently restoring the landmark to its original glory.

The Book Tower was named after Detroit’s own Book Brothers, who pioneered the development of Washington Boulevard into a posh city center, modeled after the world’s most famous retail corridors. With 13 stories of retail space and a 38-story office tower, it was the tallest building in Detroit when first erected — and it still soars above the city today, charming residents and visitors with its elegantly carved figures, scrolls, and architectural details. Bedrock’s historic renovation will preserve the character of the building without changing or removing any significant features. By intensively studying its history, architectural style and former tenants, we will return the building to its true form, for the first time in decades. We look forward to bringing The Book Tower back to life, and reestablishing it as an unrivaled retail and professional center.

"Bedrock’s historic restoration will bring the century-old Book Tower back to life for the first time in decades, welcoming new retail and office tenants with a beautifully renovated space — while preserving the building’s original details and character."

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