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Bedrock Services

Smart acquisitions. Carefully managed construction and renovation. Thoughtful leasing. Quality property management.

Bedrock has experience in every aspect of commercial real estate development, with in-house teams dedicated to providing superior service and exceptional results. Because we have such broad expertise and end-to-end management, we can provide world-class service start to finish. Read more about our services below — and let us know how we can help meet your commercial real estate needs.

Detroit is home to a vibrant, flourishing and growing urban community of award-winning restaurants, upscale retailers, innovative companies and forward-thinking residents — and at Bedrock, we believe the best is yet to come.

Bedrock is committed to attracting exciting businesses and tenants to our city, creating a unique and dynamic downtown core. We provide commercial, retail, and residential leasing for some of the most attractive and well-appointed buildings in the city, with a portfolio of 88 unparalleled properties. Bedrock has leased over five million square feet of space, and helped more than 160 companies either open new businesses in Detroit, or move their facilities downtown. Whether you're looking to launch a one-of-a-kind storefront or restaurant in a beautifully renovated historic building, find tech-savvy office space with an industrial chic design, or lease upscale residential space with access to Detroit's best destinations, Bedrock can help.

Bedrock is on a mission to uncover, acquire, develop and manage undiscovered real estate opportunities that make Detroit even more exciting and prosperous — and we've been building momentum since we first opened our doors.

To date, Bedrock has led the acquisition of more than 85 properties, totaling more than 14 million square feet of real estate. From historical renovations that bring greater beauty and character to the city, to redevelopment of spaces that add value for tenants and stakeholders, we acquire, develop and reposition commercial properties across the city, with a focus on Detroit's Central Business District. Our experienced acquisition team expertly handles all elements of due diligence, deal structuring and financing, with the experience and expertise to manage complex structured deals smoothly and efficiently.

We take a ground-up approach to construction management, ensuring properties are built and restored correctly from the start.

By maintaining control over all aspects of construction, Bedrock is able to better manage costs and improve quality for each of our projects. Our in-house construction team oversees each stage of the building process, and provides supervision for third-party general contractors. Our expertise includes ground-up construction, historic restoration, renovations, and conversions. Bedrock's construction team is led by experienced team members with deep knowledge and insights in mixed-use projects, residential properties, street retail space, boutique and high-rise commercial office towers, and hotel construction.

There's a reason Bedrock's portfolio of properties are known for their unique and attractive architecture.

We understand that a building's beauty, integrity, and functionality all stem from its design and construction — so we've employed a talented in-house architectural team to oversee and manage each stage of the architecture and design process. Our architectural team members partner with top architecture firms from around the world, as well as interior design firms and urban development leaders. This collaborative approach ensures we leverage the top experts in every field of architectural development. With experience in master planning, urban development, urban renewal, historic restoration, historic conversion, ground-up residential, and retail space planning, Bedrock ensures every project we undertake is held to the highest architectural standards.

Detroit is a city with rich history, and its architectural heritage has a powerful story to tell. At Bedrock, we believe in preserving the beauty of our city's iconic buildings — and we've developed a reputation for doing just that.

As a leader in historic rehabilitation, Bedrock has restored dozens of Detroit landmarks to their original beauty and prominence, from commercial office towers to boutique residential buildings dating back to the 1800s. Utilizing our expertise in development, construction, and architecture, we work closely with all parties involved in restoration projects, including Detroit city officials and the Historic Preservation Society. We have extensive experience in architectural preservation, historic tax incentives, and complex construction processes, which helps ensure projects are completed smoothly and successfully. Bedrock owns and manages some of Detroit's most iconic landmarks, including One Woodward, The Federal Reserve building, the former State Savings Bank, and the Book Tower. The company is widely respected for its role in in bringing Detroit's most significant properties back to life — and we look forward to continuing to shape our city's future.

The best property managers understand that a property's success is directly tied to the satisfaction of its tenants.

Bedrock's in-house operations team manages each of the more than 85 properties in our portfolio. With such a large selection of premium properties, we provide tenants with exceptional variety, helping them find the space that best suits their needs — and we work hard to ensure our properties continue to exceed their expectations. Our a team of dedicated building engineers, property managers and day porters are committed to customer service and quality building maintenance. We also work with cutting edge technology to deliver exceptional property management services. With award-winning tenant relation programs and a customer-focused team, Bedrock prides itself on providing the best care and service to its buildings and tenants.